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FOREO Luna Mini Face Cleansing Tool

Last week I talked about the new Clinique cleansing brush and today I want to have a look at another cleansing tool I’ve been testing over the past 2 months, the FOREA Luna Mini. Other than the Clinique and Clarisonic tool, does the Luna mini not have a brush with bristles, but little „silicone fingers“. (Benefit: you don’t have to replace the brush every 3 months). The FOREO Luna Mini works with T-Sonic™ technology and cleans your face with transdermal sonic pulsations. I have to confess in the beginning I didn’t like the vibrating feeling of the tool, but meanwhile I got so used to it, that I don’t even notice it anymore;)

FOREO Luna Mini

When looking at the FOREO Luna Mini mini you’ll notice that the silicone fingers have different sizes, which are meant for different skin types and areas. I usually use the front part (general-cleansing and precision-cleansing zone) of the device for my daily cleaning on the „normal“ speed level (there are 2). The mini runs for 1 minute and has 15 seconds intervals, which I really like. That way every part of my face gets the same time of cleaning. Since the Luna mini is waterproof you can also use it in the shower;) What I really like about the Luna Mini is its size: It’s so small and lightweight:) Just look how tiny it is compared to a MAC lipstick;)

Conclusion: I think the FOREO Luna Mini does a great job! I really enjoy using it and my skin looks great!! It’s not abrasive or harsh, but when you get used to the vibration gentle and comfortable.

Have you already heard about the FOREO Luna Mini mini or maybe tried it? What do you think about such cleansing tools?


FOREO Luna Mini Face Cleansing Tool

FOREO Luna Mini Face Cleansing Tool

FOREO Luna Mini Face Cleansing Tool

FOREO Luna Mini Face Cleansing Tool

FOREO Luna Mini Face Cleansing Tool


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  • Reply
    Sara Levy
    21. Oktober 2014 at 7:37

    I've seen it in stores – they have a black one for guys. But it's so darn expensive – like the Clarisonic!


    • Reply
      Mia H.
      21. Oktober 2014 at 7:40

      Yes, I've seen the black one too 😀 And yes, they have their prize… But I've tried more affordable ones and so far I never really like them too much 😉

  • Reply
    21. Oktober 2014 at 10:53

    I have the blue one, for combination skin. I use it on and off, together with my Clarisonic.

  • Reply
    Anne c
    21. Oktober 2014 at 12:14

    I've tried it and it didn't convince me at all! Save your cash girls! Clarisonic all the way! 🙂
    I've reviewed it on my blog as well…

    Have a nice day Mia! 🙂


  • Reply
    22. Oktober 2014 at 8:20

    Hahaha, ich dachte erst es wäre ein Radio 😀

  • Reply
    22. Oktober 2014 at 18:25

    Ui, das ist ja ein interessantes Teil! Ich habe etwas händisches von P2 (oder ist es ebelin?), was ähnlich gebaut ist.

    Liebst, ina

    Visit me at Petite Saigon

  • Reply
    Sweets & Style
    24. Oktober 2014 at 5:06

    WOW. I have never heard of this device. It looks really interesting. Thank you for sharing!

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